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Lindsay + Kyle | Jamaica Couples Photographer

One of the things I absolutely loved about our resort in Jamaica was that it was small enough for us to meet and getView full post »

Photographers Redefined | Photography Resources

Jamie and I just got back from Jamaica this week and I’m sitting here trying to figure out where to start.View full post »

Arlington National Cemetery | Washington D.C. Travel Photographer

We couldn’t leave Washington D.C. without paying our respects to those servicemen and women who gave their livesView full post »

National Zoo | Washington D.C. Travel Photographer

When I heard that the girls wanted to go to the zoo, I just had to chime in. Me, me, oh me too, please! I just loveView full post »

Washington D.C. | Travel Photographer

For two people who don’t travel much, Jamie and I certainly did our share of it this year. Thanks to the generousView full post »

Downtown St. Charles | St. Charles Missouri Travel Photographer

History has always intrigued me. Not just the history that’s written in books, but the kind that you can see,View full post »

One Final Good-bye| Grand Canyon Travel Photographer

I couldn’t leave without taking one last look. Our morning to sleep in and I just couldn’t bring myselfView full post »

Up is Mandatory | Grand Canyon Travel Photographer

Going down was optional. Really, it was. At any time, one of us could have changed our minds and raced (with a 40-poundView full post »

A Moment to Breathe | Grand Canyon Travel Photographer

A moment to rest, to breathe; a respite amidst a long journey. That’s exactly what our day at the bottom of theView full post »

No Turning Back | Grand Canyon Travel Photographer

I’ve never been an early riser or a morning person. Never. Probably never will be. But I do have to say that ifView full post »

The Adventure of a Lifetime | Grand Canyon Travel Photographer

Someone please pinch me, because I still can’t believe it’s real. I’ve been going over the imagesView full post »

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